Just tap, charge & Go.
Apartment EV charging made Simple.

A simple, automated billing platform designed to help you charge at your flat or apartment. Designed for residents, property developers and installers alike!

For Residents

Charge at home.

No hassle, fuss or complicated apps. 

For Property Managers

Zero-cost Setup.

Automated billing for managed developments.

Charge at your apartment

Live in a flat or apartment?

Beecharged can help you make the transition to EV by unlocking charging capabilities at your flat or apartment building, whether you have an allocated parking space or not.

Built for Residents

Easily and securely charge your EV at your flat or apartment.

Built for Installers

Simply commission your past & present sites at zero cost.

Built for Factors

Zero-cost billing solution for your charging infrastructure.

Easily commision your sites

Are you an installer? Sign up your sites to Beecharged today!

Call Beecharged today!

Whether you are a a resident of a flat or apartment, renting or you are a factor/property developer; Beecharged can help you charge at home!